FAQ's - The ACE's Photo Company

At ACE's Snap Shots, every now and then, we'll get a few questions about a few things.

Let's clear all these up and make things a bit easier for you and your photo booth experience!

What is all included?

When you decide to book us for your event, we include a LOT of stuff! See below for a full list:

Set up and Tear down are free and not included in your event time-period. We'll be there around 1-2 hours before the start time of your event and will be there for no longer than 30-45 minutes after your event time has elapsed to tear down.

Unlimited Trips for you and your guests through the booth from the second we start until the end! EVERYONE always gets a print. If you are in the picture, you get your own strip!

TONS of premium and clean props! We don't do wimpy stick paper props! Only the best for you and your guests!

1 friendly FULL-SERVICE on-site attendant! ​We start each session for each group. No guess-work for you on where to touch the screen to get it to give more prints or where to start the session. We'll do it for you! We ensure you are centered and framed at the beginning of each session. We interact, we entertain, we enjoy what we do! We are the ones who convince grandpa to put on the pink bunny-ears when he didn't even want to go into the booth in the first place. haha!

How does the payment process work?

Retainer Fee:

There is a $200 (non-refundable within 60 days of your event), retainer fee that locks down the date for you. The payment is due when you receive the contract and invoice.

Partial Payment:

You are allowed to make partial payments after the initial Retainer Fee is paid. It can be paid in cash in person, a check in person or through the mail, or through PayPal with a debit/credit card. With PayPal, you will be charged an additional 3% service charge. All partial payments will need to eventually be paid in full 10 days before your event.

Payment in Full:

It can be paid in full with cash in person, a check in person or through the mail, or through PayPal with a debit/credit card. With PayPal, you will be charged an additional 3% service charge. Payment in full must be made within 10 days of your event.


If payment is not paid in full within 10 days of the event, you will incur a $25 a day charge, p/day, for every day payment in full is late that must be paid before the photo booth will be set up at the event space.

Is there a mileage fee?

You always get 50 free round-trip miles for each event. Our fee for 50+ miles is only $1 p/mile. If your event venue is 59 miles from my house and back, you only have a $9 mileage fee. Each destination is based on our business address:

ACE's Snap Shots, LLC 614 Derby St Raymore, MO 64083

What is included with the Guestbook and Guestbook Services?

We have very few "Add-ons" with our photo booth services. But our favorite and most popular is definitely the Guestbook and Guestbook Services! With this add-on, you will get a 12"x12" guestbook with room for 20 pages worth of photo strips at 4 or 5 strips a page! The reason it's an extra $100 is we bring on another attendant and their job, all night long, is to grab every photo strip off of the printer and immediately put it in the book! That means 1`00% of your event's pictures will be in that book! You are usually lucky to get 50% if the guestbook is left unattended. At the end of the night, we'll print out a 4"x6" of our favorite print of the bride and groom and place it in the front window and hand deliver it to the bride or other responsible party!

*With our services, we also cannot man a guestbook that you provide, we can only assist if you add our Services to your package.

Do you have different backdrop options?

Yes indeed! We have White Petals, Blue Petals as well as Black & White Curtains.

Do you have different photo strip template options?

Yes indeed! Just ask us for examples!

How many guests can fit into one picture?

With our Open-Air style setup, we've fit 15 people in! The more the merrier!

Do you offer an online gallery after our event?

Yes, a full Facebook album! Check it out HERE!

What is Idle time?

Idle time is in 1 hour increments that the booth is fully setup, but not running. Say you have dinner served at 6 and would like to have the booth shut down from 6 to 7 so your guests can fully enjoy dinner. But, you'd like the booth to be open at 5. What we'll do is have the booth open from 5 to 6, shut down for an hour, and then be back up and running at 7 for the remainder of the booked event! Simple as that! It's only $50 per hour for idle time.